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Live in Japan

Artist: Väsen
Label: NorthSide
Label : Northside -
In January, 2005 the Všsen trio returned to Japan for their second tour, and their 3-night stand in Tokyo was recorded for posterity by their Japanese record company. Those performances, it turns out, were among the strongest in the band's history, which says quite a bit for a 16-year old ensemble known for its great live show. Všsen compiled and helped mix this selection of 17 tracks which draw heavily from their recent two recordings "Trio" and "Keyed Up."

A bonus "home movie" DVD is included, which contains interviews covering the history of the band, band-shot video clips from over the years, and exclusive live performance clips.

Track List:
1 Hasse A's 3:01 iTunes
2 Appalachen (Appalachian) 2:31 iTunes
3 Pedalpolska 3:45 iTunes
4 Fallandepolskan (The Falling Polska) 3:56 iTunes
5 Calles vals 3:45 iTunes
6 Glada polskan  (The Happy Polska) 2:54 iTunes
7 Flippen (The Flip) 2:59 iTunes
8 Slängpolska efter Byss-Calle 4:53 iTunes
9 Polska på övervåningen (Polska Upstairs) 3:31 iTunes
10 Bromanders 100-års polska (Bromander's 100-Year Polska) 4:24 iTunes
11 Vilse i Betlandet (Lost in the Sugar Beet Fields) 4:16 iTunes
12 Spelmansfällan (Fiddler's Trap) 4:16 iTunes
13 Lille Vilgot (Little Vilgot) 3:31 iTunes
14 Byggnan (The Building) 3:50 iTunes
15 Kapten Kapsyl (Captain Bottle Top) 4:15 iTunes
Retail Price: $16.00
Price: $16.00