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Radio Paganistan

Artist: Steven Posch
Label: Omnium
Instruments : Vocals (male)
Geography : United States
Label : Omnium -

Tune in to seven stories, two songs, one poem.

Radio Paganistan includes everyone's favorite song about everyone's favorite Yule ogress – "Mother Berhta's Coming to Town." Other stories include The Bride of the Forest (the Brothers Grimm meet the Rite of Spring, in the Great North Woods), The Descent of Anat (take the old Canaanite winter solstice festival, give it a bris, and voila:  Hanuka!). And at last you will know who would win if Mother Berhta and Santa Claus got into a fight.

The two songs Steven sings here are backed up by bass from Drew Miller of Boiled in Lead and percussion from Renée Bracchi of Felonious Bosch.

  • "Storyteller Steven Posch is a true Pagan treasure. In his wacky and appealing style, he tells us of how the loon got the ring around his neck, (and) how various
Track List:
1 The Three Gifts 6:31 MP3 Download
2 Moon, Loon, and the Neckring 6:48
3 The Bride of the Forest: the Story 5:31
4 If the People Keep Samhain, Samhain Will Keep the People (The First Jack o’ Lantern) 13:14
5 Witch’s Work is Turning the Wheel 0:49
6 The Descent of Anat: A Hanuka-shpiel 10:48
7 Her Name is Mother Berhta (song) 1:31
8 Mother Berhta’s Coming to Town: The Story 4:41
9 Mother Berhta’s Coming to Town: The Song (Lounge Version) 1:44
10 How Winter Came to Minnesota (or) Mother Berhta and the Mosquitoes 11:04
Retail Price: $12.00
Price: $12.00